What are your BELIEFS about eating?

  1. Jenny says:

    I had believed, from the time I was about 4 years old, that I was “bad” for feeling hungry, and for eating to soothe those pangs. This led to severe struggles with weight and food, and a lot of self-hatred. Now I’m almost 32, and can finally see that food is not my enemy. I’m looking in the mirror and seeing a pretty girl, learning to love myself, and eating whatever the hell I want to! Food, and whether or not my tummy is sticking out a bit, are not the focal points of every moment of my life anymore. Thank you, Caroline, for all that you share here.

  2. Amanda says:

    I’ve gone through this process and it is wonderful to be free of fear around food and eating, eat what I want in the quantities I want. It took a few months of gaining weight (about 12-15lbs) while eating more calories, then several months of stable weight and eating, and then the weight began to slowly come off (currently 20) without dieting. I have been exercising more the past few months, but not in any punitive or counteracting my eating kind of way, just because I feel good when I move more. I began “overweight” and I still am, but I don’t need to shop at special stores as I did after the initial weight gain. I also feel much more comfortable with my body and rarely compare myself to others anymore.

  3. M says:

    I agree with Jenny, I also felt ashamed of being hungry from a very early age.
    Now I am not afraid to eat because I fear weight gaining but I am terrified of gluten and pasturized dairy – my fear is that they Will ruin my health like so many vlaim they do. I am afraid that one day I Will become very sick from eating it and that it is awful to my health and to my kids if I make their favorite home made bread containing both wheat, milk, butter and syrup (other things too).
    I want to eat to nourish

  4. Gia says:

    Eating for pleasure is wrong it’s fuel
    one should only eat clean non processed foods. If you do not then you’re going to get fat or remain fat
    White flour, sugar, desserts, etc are bad for you.
    If you’re really intuitive eating, you’ll never want junk food again.
    Never eat to fullness
    Animal products will kill you
    Pizza will make you fat…then riddle you with disease.
    Vegan diets will make you fat

    Most recently: Fuck this noise it’s all bullshit.
    Food is a God damn pleasure and a privilege to have so enjoy that shit and be grateful…Yes. Even for Doritos ma’ fucker.