You Can Get A Lot Done When You’re Not Obsessing Over Food

  1. jjjorgi says:

    I’m trying to calm myself and to be aware of who the boss is Me vs Habit. It works when I stay alert and aware of its presence,. Waiting for me to become distracted or to feel sorry for it and let it sit on my lap again. I HAVE to keep this habit under strong guard until it learns it’s place and realises that I will no longer be used and my health abused for it’s pleasure. At the same time, I see how desperate my habit is to be by my side, to share another week of binging and happy times at the grocery store buying absolutely every forbidden food we wouldn’t be having on the newest diet that always starts tomorrow. This little sneak, my habit, is always watching me with sad eyes, begging for me to play as it’s been woth me for so long. Soon I will see it for what it is, until then I am on guard.

  2. Lynn Dunning says:

    Yep x 10000. You really have no life when you live it through the grey lens of disordered eating/food obsession.