In Defense of Beer, Wine, and Liquor

Before I get any angry comments about alcoholism: I am not saying “yay alcoholism!”

If you cannot drink in moderation, it is most likely a coping mechanism for deeper issues. (So let’s deal with the deeper issues!)

But this post is for people who are afraid of beer, wine, or liquor for the calories or weight gain. People who feel that their social life is hindered by not only fear of food- but fear of the evil calories of alcohol.

If you’re afraid of the bingeing or “overeating” you do during or after alcohol, that means you need to be eating more. If you binge or stuff your face every time you drink, it means your body is using your defenses being down as an opportunity to get in more calories.

Do not mistake this as a problem with alcohol. This has everything to do with you needing to eat more! In general!

While drinking, your best bet is to eat carbohydrates before and during and after.

And to drink beer.

Or drink wine. Or liquor.

Whatever you like.

If you drink to excess you will feel shitty. It will mess with your day. It will tax your liver. You will sleep poorly. I don’t recommend it for a million other reasons before weight.

Most alcoholics are skinny. Which is another point that goes to show: skinny is not everything. Skinny does not equal health and happiness.

Alcohol does not inherently lead to weight gain.

Alcohol is not a calorie concern. Don’t obsessed over drinking “skinny” and having two vodka diet cokes and snacking sparsely on edamame.

Eat. Drink a bit. Enjoy your friends. Laugh. Sleep well.

Drink a beer. Or two.

Fuck It.


  1. Alex says:

    I think drinking or drug use is comparable to non-hunger-eating. Sure it is okay to enjoy an ice cream or something with friends even if you’re not hungry… But it isn’t good for you anymore when it becomes your way to deal with problems, when it becomes a psychological addiction.

  2. Winesaver says:

    Thanks for sharing this idea. Well I too believe that having a glass of wine after dinner is very good. I will suggest no to get blindly addicted for consuming liquor rather go with the books.

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