You’re Not In Your Body

I am going to lay out a pretty simple concept:

None of us are actually living in our bodies.

This may not exactly be news to you. I mean, we hear some version of this over and over:

We need to be more present!

We are getting caught in our minds!


Yea Yea Yea. I get it. Finnnnnnnnne.

But it wasn’t until I made it more physical and more visual that it actually clicked with me.

…We aren’t willing to actually sink down into our physical bodies. We don’t wanna feel what’s there. And therefore, there is a backup of uncomfortable emotions and unprocessed shit sitting in there, which makes us avoid it more.

We are unwilling to actually feel what it feels like to be in our bodies. We do not let ourselves inhabit our muscles, organs, fat, skin. And so we’re all filled with unfelt, unprocessed trauma and discomfort and emotions.

This is especially true of people with eating and body issues. There is majorrrrrr avoidance here.

And eating forces us to actually be in our bodies, so we vacillate between trying to avoid it, and being pulled to eat a lot (because we NEED TO).

If you find yourself stuck in your mind, that’s a sign that you’re not able or willing to drop down into your whole body. Your “energy” and life force is up in your head where it tries to figure out and control everything, instead of experiencing what’s down below.

Lots of people wonder why the hell I do energy work. What is it? What are you even doing?

In the simplest form, energy work is a way for me to facilitate and encourage you to be in your body and lean into old discomfort, for a short and manageable amount of time, in order to process and gain some more ease, space, tolerance, and comfort in your body.

That’s also literally the point of yoga. Yoga is not supposed to be fucking cardio. Fuck that. It is supposed to be a slowing down. A sinking in. A passive, receptive experience of inhabiting your body and processing what is in there to be processed and released.

Arguably, our stressful beliefs are attached to a lot of stuff that we don’t want to feel as well. These are blocks that get triggered by certain beliefs and thoughts. That’s what I mean by releasing beliefs: you must go into the body and feel what’s been stuck and uncomfortable in order to release it and be free from it. It’s actually really simple to do, it’s just something we don’t exactly talk about or understand.

I do energy work in Fuckiteer Academy and teach you to do your own energy work in Become Your Own Damn Guru.

This has everything to do with the Fuck It Diet and normal eating. We won’t get very far avoiding what’s in there or being ruled by our stressful, untrue beliefs…

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  1. Amanda C says:

    Yaaaas! Love what you said about yoga. I found a body positive yoga class in my area. Life changing.

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