Today’s episode is a conversation with Lindsey Lockett, trauma educator and coach, and she tells her story of how she left Fundamentalist Christianity, the fallout in her body and mind of living so long in such a binary belief system, and how she found trauma healing and nervous system work. It’s an amazing story, and […]

April 2, 2022

Leaving Fundamentalism and Finding Trauma Healing

Today I am sharing my conversation with Leslie Schilling, MA, RDN, CSCS, CEDRDS-S, where she talks about diet culture and purity culture in the church (and how is mirrors our culture at large!). We also chat about Gwen Shamblin, the infamous “Christian” cult leader, and the way the bible was (mis)interpreted. Though, today’s episode is […]

March 6, 2022

Diet & Purity Culture in the Church

Is the anti-diet world culty too? Yes. It can be. (Anything can be!) Therapist and Coach Catie Lynch and I unpack extremism in the anti-diet world, black and white thinking, “cancel” culture and mob mentality online, as well as what true healing from an eating disorder looks like beyond outrage. “Can we focus on actually creating […]

February 20, 2022

When Anti-Diet Culture Becomes Culty Too