Food is Not Your Weakness

  1. Amanda says:

    Hi Caroline,

    I can tell we read some of the same blogs 🙂 and I hope your transitions have smoothed out some since the last post.

    Now that I am obsessing less about food I really see how a dieting mentality gave the food a lot of power. I feel much more comfortable with eating whatever I want, and how much I want. Eating to satisfaction is pleasant. I don’t binge or overeat of any of those things when I feed myself enough. Unfortunately it has come with unwanted and (to me) unneeded weight gain, and that is really hard. Since I do eat pretty well, I’m not sure why I am gaining, though it seems to have stopped at about 10 lbs. I am not letting it make me change my eating or exercise habits though. I’m going to continue to do what feels right for my body, and maybe see an MD if I keep gaining.

  2. Suzanne H says:

    I highly recommend this blog post: It addresses emotional eating and has a lot of good info

  3. Sonya says:

    Hi Caroline,
    I have just started reading your blog and am loving it! My history with food is almost identical to yours, and after trying Paleo/primal for the last 6 months and now feeling miserable, I have got to the point where I too am saying ‘fuck it! – I am so tired of counting macronutrients and worrying that the apple I ate today with lunch had too much fructose…there has to be more to life than this!!!
    Keep up the great work 🙂

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  6. Hello, so glad i read this… i love food and i am a girl. and it is really painful if you keep yourself from things you love. i am also dieting because of my weight is a little bit over the acceptable range for my height. i really do not like dieting.