I Can’t Believe I Was So Afraid of Sugar

  1. PC says:

    I wish I could agree on this issue. But personally I’ve come to the conclusion that sugar just isn’t for me. I feel like it makes me a bit crazy, supressesing my emotions as well as my immune system, and has become an addiction. I think some people who don’t have serious emotional problems or depression or anxiety can manage to have it without repercussions, though.
    As much as I love sugar, I think I have to say goodbye to it.

    Carbs on the other hand I don’t mind. A baked potato with butter doesn’t make me feel anywhere near as crazy as sugar does!

    Good luck with your own healing. I’m not posting to belittle your own journey, just offering my own perspective.

    • C says:

      I used to feel terrible when I ate sugar. Shaky and nervous. I don’t know how much of that was due the fact that I was definitely scared of it, and how much was due to the fact that I kept cutting it out of my diet and never fully got used to having it. Now I feel fine with it. Not that I always crave it or want it. I am sure I would feel bad if I significantly overrate it.

      That is not to say that everyone in the world will be able to handle it well, but it seems the more I have it, the more my body knows how to deal with it.

      Thanks for your input though, I appreciate hearing back!

    • another C says:

      I had ’emotional problems’ (eating disorder). I also still have a lot of depression and anxiety. If I let sugar run them, it can. But really, these issues go far deeper than sugar, and I was just looking for an easy excuse for them. Now I enjoy sugar whenever I like, which isn’t all the time. I allowed whatever addiction I thought I had to it take over. People aren’t addicted to it, they actually need it, to reduce cortisol and calm adrenaline, especially if anxious or depressed. In time, I needed it less and less. Usually it is now an afterthought. But it took months of gobbling it down to ‘get over it’ physically and mentally.

  2. jere14 says:

    I think that fear of sugar and carbohydrates is something that we are taught and conditioned with. There are so many variations on this theme, some people fear high fructose corn syrup but not fructose itself, some people fear fructose but not table sugar even though table sugar is 50 percent fructose. Many people fear starches but not the supposed low glycemic starches that are in whole grains. Yet whole grains have a higher glycemic index than say spaghetti. Gary Taubes whom I consider to be quite evil touts that all carbohydrates are bad, even low glycemic carbohydrates. Everything here starts becoming so arbitrary because even the experts have a different set of proscriptions. If you heed enough proscriptions the only solution becomes veganism. In my mind all of these proscriptions toward foods and obesity alarmism comes from self-serving moralists who want to control others and make a lot of money. Jon Robison has nailed it when he calls the United States a Food Phobic Nation. I too have gained weight from calorie restriction mostly for health reasons. But at least I was never conditioned to fear specific foods. And now that I do not diet, my weight has stabilized and I am confident that I will not gain weight as long as I do not restrict calories. Many people are reporting the same thing, that weight stabilizes as soon as calorie restriction is stopped and the type of food they eat has no bearing on it,

  3. Brian says:

    I used to be the same way. I am still terrified of gluten though, but for why I believe to be a good reason. Every single time I do say “fuck it”
    And indulge in my favorite glutinous foods, I break out in severe and painful cystic acne-like rocacea. My doctor said I am not celiac but if what I am doing is working to keep my skin clear, keep doing it because I my have a sensitivity.

    I so badly want to say “fuck it” sometimes and drink delicious craft beer again and eat normal yummy pizza and hogies with my girlfriend and family…but I’m legit scared of the consequences. Ahhhhhhhh