When Does Real Food Become a Problem?


There is a paradox in my food belief system.

I believe in saying “Fuck You” to the weight loss industry and Diet-Fear-Mongers. But I can’t help but generally like real, whole foods the best. I think they are the best tasting.

You can define real foods lots of different ways, but I would define it generally as: the most unrefined and sustainably produced versions of the foods we love.

I could list specifics, but that would be entirely besides the point. Plus, the only reason I eat that way at this point, is because I have truly developed a desire for those foods. And I think that is the only reason anyone should.

When Does Real Food Become a Problem?

When it becomes a fixation.

Even if real food is ideal, we don’t live in an ideal world. Our food is adulterated. Most food in restaurants is slightly, if not highly processed. Even in the best restaurants. And if you ever want to eat out with your friends, or have any flexibility, needing to stick to these parameters is absolutely absurd and stressful.

If you are one of those people, like I was, who feels that you can’t let your food-standards-guard down for health reasons, you are probably wrong. Unless you have a serious, life threatening food allergy, or a strong immune reaction to certain food likes Celiacs, you have no need to micromanage your food purity. It simply isn’t good for you. And it is not fun.

Sure, wanting the best for yourself, and caring about where your food comes from is a good thing. But it is only sustainable, helpful, and life-enhancing if it comes out of self-love and care- not fear. Orthorexia is not worth it.

Our health is not as fragile and subject to the whim of an ingredient or meal as we think. Chemicals and preservatives and fake trans fat food are probably not health supporting, but the fear of them is worse.

So, Fuck It!


  1. John says:

    When I was starving myself on Paleo, I got mad food fixations. I use to fantasize about going to the food store – a place I use to loath going to and was happy my wife didn’t mind going. For a while i would voulenteer to go and even invent a reason to go and just walk down every aisle looking at all the “junk” I couldn’t have. It was bad. I was living off ~1,500 calories a day with daily interval training. Add to the food fixations, I was always cold and dizzy. Haviing said F-it for the most part I am waaaaay better.

    • Caroline says:

      Oh it is misery! And it is all under the guise of “health” and “doing something good for yourself”. I could feel myself slipping back into insanity at the beginning of paleo, like I had done a few years before on the Raw Foods diet, and I said to friends “I think this diet is good for me, I just hope I don’t go crazy again.” Sometimes we must Live and learn…. a few times…

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