I Shouldn’t Finish This Meal

  1. As always I adore this post. Thank you for keeping it coming! Especially during the season when we’re bombarded by all the “health tip” from “health experts” Fuck it. I’m eatting exactly what I want when I want. The end.

  2. Jesse says:

    Hay as much as I would like to agree with your post, I cannot. Now a days a lot of people overeat because of all the additives, preservatives, sugar spikes, etc. A lot of them simply do not have a healthy and working body because their hormones are so out of balance. Also, because of sugar spikes and the types of foods that they eat, they could be constantly hungry for more and hence gain a lot of weight. If this ” Fuck it” theory worked, Americans wouldn’t be so overweight.

    • C says:

      Right, so the issue is not food and calories. It is bullshit food. Diet food. Fake food. Eating and Food are not the problem. Sugar spikes are fine and normal, HFCS is not.

      Also, eating disorders and food fear should not be normal, which is the point of this site.

    • But here’s the thing Jesse, most Americans DON”T follow the fuck it theory. They follow the guilt ridden, food fearing, diet mentality of 90% of the “health experts” out there. They lose a little weight by following their restricted diets and when they’re bodies rebel in defense, because bodies usually do for biological reasons- they gain it all back and then some. The current “Health” or “Diet” industry is creating the so called obesity epedemic, not fixing it. If we all just ate exactly what we wanted, when we wanted and how much we wanted and ignored the advice of others and thereby listened to our own bodies we would never be overweight.

  3. Alex says:

    Hi Carloine,

    I’m not sure about one thing: Cravings don’t necessarily come from your body. It can be because of seeing or smelling food, thinking about it or watching an advertisement. And it makes even your BODY react. It makes even your blood sugar drop and you feel dizzy because your body gets ready for a new glucose load. And I we have LOADS of sweets in the house so I get stimulted by them a lot… Also, what if I crave someting but I know I won’t feel too good after eating it until I had “enough”?

  4. Alex says:

    Oh sorryy, of course I meant Caroline – it’s kind of late…

    One more question: How can you always eat what you really, really want most?
    You won’t always have everything available. For example, if you’re family made fish but you feel a little bit more like chicken – I don’t think you’ll prepare it just for yourself. Also, I don’t think it’s “natural” for humans to have every food available at any time.

  5. Christopher says:

    Alex, you make some interesting points but let me ask you this. What do you consider “natural”? For example, many followers of the paleo diet argue that what is ‘natural’ is what our caveman ancestors ate, and that everything they didn’t should be considered ‘poison.’ That argument makes the assumption that if our ancestors had access to the food nowadays, they would be worse off for it. But is that necessarily true? Maybe it would have been extremely beneficial for them, who knows! That’s the point.

    And heck, if certain foods deemed ‘junk’ by some people make me feel good and happy personally, then in my opinion THAT is natural. And if someone tries to prevent me from enjoying food I like, I’ll just say fuck it. I’m eating it anyway 🙂